Model FAQ

How can i become a webcam model?
Becoming a Webcam model is really simple.
  • First you need to create a free model account. To sign up as a webcam model go here [ SignUp ]. After you have created your account you need to send us the Model Agreement (If you cannot open them you need to download Acrobat Reader). [ Free download Acrobat Reader ]
  • Second you need to send us a copy of your legal picture ID. This can be an identity card, passport or drivers license. Please make sure that when sending the legal ID the birthdate and name is readable. The ID card must include a picture of you. When sending the agreement you will need to send us both pages: completed, signed and dated. 
You can find all the contact details on the [ Contact Page ]
Are you accepting all kind of models?
Yes. We accept all models.
Which category on your website?
Girls, Couples, Lesbians, Flirt.
What I need to register?
3 steps of registration.
  1. Download the Agreement (2 pages), print, sign, scan and upload.
  2. Upload Your ID Photo.
  3. Take snapshot.
The site works on the periods?
Yes. Each month consists of 2 periods:
  • PERIOD 1: 1 - 15 of a month
  • PERIOD 2: 16 - last day of a month.
When do you make a payment?
Payout dates: 10 and 25 days of each month.
  • If You reach the payout limit in Period 1, You will receive Your payment on 10th of the following month.
  • If You reach the payout limit in Period 2, You will receive Your payment on 25th of the following month.
For example, if You reach the payout limit in the period 1-15 April, You will receive Your payment between 5-10 days of May.
How much does the chat minute cost?
  • Private chat (1to1) - 30 tokens per min - up to 60 tk.
  • Group chat - 20 tokens per min - up to 40 tk.
  • Spy - 10 tokens per min - up to 20 tk.
Prices you set as desired.
How much you pay for paid chat rooms?
We pay 50% commission + 25% referral program
Do you have a referral program for invite new members and models?
Yes, we offer such a program.
  • If you invite a new user as a member, then we pay you 15% of all tokens spent on our website every time (Life Time).
  • If you invite a new user as a model, then you will receive 5% of its earnings every time (Life Time).
You make the payout in USD?
Please note that website sends payout in US dollars, therefore if You choose wire transfer as payout method we strongly recommend You to open a bank account in USD. This way You can avoid additional costs and poor exchange rate.
What payout methods do you offer?
We offer:
  • Bank Wire - minimum payout $300,
  • - minimum payout $100
How does Bank Wire work?
This option is mainly recommended for Studios with many registered models and a high income.Please consider the fact that transaction fee may vary between $35-$100, which is deducted from Your earnings (this is the transaction fee that the participating banks – sender, intermediary, beneficiary – charge).
Am I allowed to work on more sites?
Yes, you can work on more then one webcam site, besides of the our website. But to do so you will need cam splitting software. Windows cannot support multiple webcam streams at once without this software. Our software is written in macromedia flash code. It can happen that you cannot connect to two or more sites that use the same macromedia flash videoserver software at once, not even with a camsplitter.
When I'm online, I do not want to see me in my country or city. Can you help me with this?
You can put a block on any country or countries of your choice.
  • For example: You have blocked Romania. When guests or member this country will visit the site, they can not see you on the list of models online or offline. 100% block of the country or city of your choice.
What are the technical requirements?
These are the minimum requirements:
  • Pentium 2 400MHz or faster PC with Win98 or better
  • Camcorder or Web Camera
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Browser (Internet Explorer8 or high; Mozilla Firefox5.0 or high; Google Chrome)
  • MACROMEDIA FLASH PLAYER (Download for Free)